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“You are here to find your own path and surrender to it with body and soul.” – Buddha

Headquarters in the USA

The Cultural Institute of Gnostic Studies is a non-profit organization based on the Gnostic teachings left by V. M. Samael Aun Weor since the second half of the 20th century.

It is part of an International Gnostic Federation organized by V. M. Lakhsmi Daimón present in more than thirty countries, highlighting its presence in the Americas, Europe and Africa.

Our purpose is to contribute to human improvement through self-knowledge. We invite you to participate in our free activities.

Online and In-Person Courses

Karma – Reincarnation – Awakening – Fears and Negative Emotions – Meditation and Relaxation – Chakras and Mantrams – Personality, Essence and Ego – Meaning of dreams – Astral Travel – Emotional Intelligence – Human Relations – The wise use of our energy – Evolution and Involution Free & Free Courses


CHANGE IS POSSIBLE Have you ever wondered why the same situations always repeat themselves in my life? Why do I always fall for things I want to avoid? If I

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The schools of regeneration have been diverse throughout the history of humanity, each expressing itself in a way appropriate to the historical context of the moment…

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divine spark.

La Esencia libre nos confiere belleza intima; de tal belleza emanan la felicidad perfecta y el verdadero Amor