Self-knowledge Course

You came here because you are looking for answers about your existence. You are a mystery... Discover yourself

Free In-Person Course

We have more than 12,000 registered students and 21 study centers in the country. The courses are taught in Spanish and English.

What is the course about?

Gnosis United States provides free in-person and online Self-knowledge Courses. The course is theoretical-practical and is taught twice a week. It lasts 23 lessons, during which deep psychological, anthropological and philosophical topics are addressed in order to understand the psychic structure of the human being, our limitations and capabilities. This course, aimed at all individuals, appeals to conscience and begins a journey through the broad themes addressed by Gnostic knowledge, created in order to transmit the need for self-discovery.

Techniques and Practices

Techniques and practices are developed that lead us to awaken consciousness and develop the inner faculties of the human being. In this way we can practically verify the postulates that Gnostic knowledge provides. Relaxation, concentration, meditation, runic exercise, mantralization are found in these practices.

Basic Course Lessons

Know yourself and you will know the universe and the Gods.

0 – Presentation:

We will study the meaning of our existence, the scope of Gnostic teaching, and we know that our conscience is β€œAsleep” and that prevents us from knowing the truth and being happy.

1 – What is Gnosis?

We will explain what the word gnosis means and we will study its origins, its purpose, the areas it covers and its methods, in addition to introducing attendees to the course.

2 – Personality, essence and ego:

The intention of this conference is to introduce the interested party to the study of their own inner world, and thus have the necessary tools to self-correct harmful aspects of themselves and make dormant virtues and faculties flourish.

3 – The Awakening of Consciousness:

Human beings often live like automatons, without knowing why we do what we do. This conference is an invitation for us to reflect on our way of life and our current state of consciousness.

4- The Psychological Self:

Mistakes and suffering are generally due to our selfish desires and our lack of understanding with others, how to discover and overcome obstacles, we will talk about in this lesson.

5 – Light, Heat and Sound:

In this conference the topic of the creation of the universe and man will be addressed, in addition to talking about Hebrew and Hindu traditions, and the mystery of the Trinity. We will also study the Chakras and the hidden senses of man.

6 – The Human Machine:

The human being is a machine full of gears unknown to himself. We will teach you to discover and put the main gears in their place: Reason, emotion, motor skills, instinct and sex.

7.- The World of Relationships:

People care a lot about relating well to others, but we always leave aside the relationship with ourselves. In this conference we will learn to properly relate to our inner and outer world.

8 – The Way and Life:

We must define ourselves by following a path of spirituality, but in perfect balance with the life we lead without falling into dogmatism or fanaticism.

9 – The Level of Being:

We all have a certain Moral level, which has nothing to do with creeds or social classes. We discover what level of Being we have and what we must do to ascend to a higher one.

10 – The Decalogue:

The ten commandments described in the Bible correspond to the moral codes of other peoples. We will try to solve this enigma, in addition to delving into the interpretation of these divine laws.

11 – Fundamental Education:

Nowadays, the majority of people are educated to perform professionally, and there are very few who educate to form well-rounded people whose main concern is to serve transcendental purposes. In this conference the bases for the study of Comprehensive Education are studied.

12 – The Family Tree of Religions:

All religions have common foundations, and these are not the product of chance, this is because they all spring from a common point; The meaning of this class is to study this common point.

13 – Evolution, Involution and Revolution:

Human beings are born, grow, develop and finally die, this is the mechanical law of evolution and involution. The Revolution arises when we transcend these laws.

14 – The Death Ray:

Postmortem processes are a mystery to humanity. We will analyze different versions about life after life.

15 – Return, Recurrence and Reincarnation:

In this talk we will discover who makes man's destiny, in addition to touching on the topic of Reincarnation.

16 – The Scales of Justice:

Karma (law of action and consequence), how it operates, the verification of its existence and its antecedents in different religions.

Extra Class – Astral Unfolding:

You will be able to know the secrets of the Astral Plane, you will receive practices to have conscious experiences in the fifth dimension. In addition to a Manual with many techniques to achieve it.

Advanced Course Lessons

Know yourself and you will know the universe and the Gods.

17 – The Four Paths:

Throughout history we have been presented with three mystical paths to reach God: that of the Monk, that of the Fakir and that of Yoga. We will present a fourth path, that of the balanced Man.

18 – The Internal Diagram of Man:

Human beings are too identified with our physical body and that makes us think that it is the only one we have to function. In this conference we will study the internal parts of Man such as the Soul.

19 – The Transformation of Energy:

Within all human beings a multitude of subtle energies develop that allow not only the preservation of health, but also the awakening of dormant faculties.

20 – The Elementals:

Ancient European traditions speak of Gnomes, Fairies and Goblins, Greek texts describe Sylphs, Sylphs, Undines and Nereids. Pre-Columbian cultures tell us about the elementals of plants and animals. This conference documents us and makes us reflect on the existence of these beings.

21 – The Four States of Consciousness:

Our ability to see things, to draw conclusions, to get closer to the Real, is very limited because we live in a state of subjective consciousness. We will learn the methods used by the ancient sages to increase consciousness and reduce the distance between their perception and the Real.

22 – The Initiation:

Those who decide to awaken consciousness enter a path called Initiation. Prophets, teachers, avataras, martyrs and saints have passed through this path.

23 – Final class of the course

Conclusions, analysis and reflection on the important points for final clarification.

divine spark.

The free Essence gives us intimate beauty; From such beauty perfect happiness and true Love emanate.