Have you ever wondered why the same situations always repeat themselves in my life? Why do I always fall for things I want to avoid? If I want to change, why can’t I do it? So is change possible?

A change in our existence is really very possible. But, to achieve this, we must leave the merely intellectual terrain and begin to carry out concrete actions that will allow us a fundamental change. That means effort, will, conscious work. It also means stopping being what we have been and truly being willing to be different.

First of all, it is important to analyze the repetition of dramas and situations that exist in our lives, which we do not realize because we are immersed in the daily whirlwind. What happens to our existence? Do we just follow the line of evolution? What do we live for? Is there a purpose? Looking for answers to these questions we begin self-analysis. This is stopping at a crossroads and defining where to go next, whether to take control of our own life or continue in the labyrinth of everyday life.

Change from within

Balancing our inner and outer state is the right thing to do. We must live intelligently. Thinking that if such a thing had not happened we would be happier, or that if we had taken advantage of such an opportunity we would be better off today, etc., is a waste of time and energy. Because the past no longer exists and cannot be modified. Furthermore, each of us is the architect of our own existence. Regrets and blame only lead to more mistakes.

That is to say, to achieve change and the long-awaited happiness, it is necessary to work on oneself. Change from the inside out. Otherwise we will continue to be victims of circumstances, like a piece of wood in the ocean that is dragged this way and that way. So we can modify situations and alter outcomes if we learn to make changes starting from within.

La auto observaciónSelf observation

We need to eliminate from our interior everything that causes us harm, since the exterior is a reflection of the interior. This requires practices such as: self-observation, observing ourselves. Because we need to see what needs to be removed. And be willing to work consciously to achieve root change.

Self-observation is the practice that will give us the first light to begin our path of self-knowledge. It is an exercise that activates our lethargic consciousness and allows us to discover the mechanical and automatic way in which we spend our days.

Start by paying attention to all our actions, our habits, our words, the clothes we wear, our gestures, the way we walk, our posture, etc. Because all of that is a reflection of our inner world.

Psychological rebellion

Breaking away from the daily drag is not easy, and beginning the change that will lead us to a true transformation involves having courage and daring. Daily situations will want to drag us into the inertia in which we were, to avoid the awakening of our conscience. However, we must learn from the circumstances that are presented to us, with a critical and determined attitude of psychological rebellion.

Psychological rebellion is against ourselves, against our customs, vices, negative thoughts, habits, etc. Rebellion against what ultimately causes harm to us and our environment. Only we can change that and achieve a true transformation of ourselves and therefore of our lives.

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