The schools of regeneration have been diverse throughout the history of humanity, each expressing itself in a way appropriate to the historical context of the moment. Each race that populates the planet receives at the beginning the mysteries of the divine wisdom of the incarnated gods, so that in their evolution and future on the planet they have a memory of this magical and divine teaching in their memory, their traditions and history. This is how we find similar divine principles, myths and practices in different parts of the planet, although the religious forms and schools of regeneration that transmitted them disappeared over time.

When the seed of the present Aryan race with Nordic roots was deposited on the plateau of Tibet, its golden age began, and the gods who took a physical body at that time once again left behind the unique and universal principles. The purity of the soul kept man in direct communion with the divine in a natural and spontaneous way. Then the Hindu civilization, the second subrace, was established, which was located in India and all of South Asia. A mighty spiritual civilization arose there, particularly in pre-Vedic times, but the brilliance of the golden age began to fade.

The third subrace saw amazing peoples such as the Chaldean, Babylonian and Egyptian flourish. The Egyptians knew deeply the initiatory mysteries, and had the privilege of being the home of Hermes Trismegistus, known in that land as the God Thoth. In the regions of the Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians and Chaldeans there also existed a great magical culture, parallel to the Egyptian one, which contained in its background the esoteric teachings delivered in the previous ages of present humanity. Man’s distancing from his spiritual nature continued to accentuate, which promoted obscurantist practices such as witchcraft.

During this period supermen emerged such as Zoroaster in Persia and Buddha in India.

The fourth subrace gave rise to the wonderful Greek and Roman civilizations. Greek culture reached its peak in the classical period. Great philosophical currents emerged, among them it is worth highlighting that of Socrates who taught that the truth is sculpted in the soul of man, and only conscious reflection is needed to recognize it.

The Greeks were nourished by the teachings of all those places, and came to understand that all the serpentine cultures and the great wisdoms of the universe were concentrated on a mathematical point that was “self-knowledge.” ―V.M. Lakhsmi Daimon

Jealously guarded the Eleusinian mysteries that hid the esoteric mysteries of yore were kept free of alterations. This cult centered on Demeter and Persephone spread to the Roman Empire, but the emphasis on political life deepened man’s disconnection from his inner nature. The degeneration of religious cults towards the end of the subrace contrasted with the message of Jesus the Christ who came to fulfill the law. Born of an esoteric tribe, the Essenes, Jesus the Christ was instructed and prepared by great initiates to restore universal principles and present the path to self-realization in a vivid manner.

The expansion of the Roman Empire into what was formerly Germany and England gave rise to the fifth subrace, marked by the cult of personality. This subrace is responsible for the First and Second World Wars. Parallel to what was happening in Europe, early Christianity developed with great guides such as Clement of Alexandria, Valentine, Carpocrates and Basilide, each one forming or expanding Gnostic groups. This internal division weakened the organization which led to its final break, and the early Gnostics were persecuted. Gnostic teachings were hidden and secret societies such as the Manichaeans emerged. Later the Cathars, Templars and medieval Alchemists emerged, giving rise to the Rosicrucians and Masons.

The sixth, and current, subrace was formed in the Americas with Spanish colonization and migratory waves in the United States. A mixture of all subraces and marked by wars and struggles, this subrace has been the scene of strong internal convulsions. Finding ourselves in the Iron Age, we have almost completely lost the divine connection that once guided our lives. The aim is not to dominate the inner nature, but rather the negative aspects are projected onto others, who must now be defeated and eliminated to restore the peace that is not found within.

During this period the Theosophical Society emerged in New York and years later the Gnostic Movement in Colombia to which our institution belongs. Promoted by the V.M. Samael Aun Weor and restored by the V.M. Lakhsmi Daimón, the eternal Gnosis is presented with the demands of the time, offering the techniques to embark on a direct, personal and transformative path towards the awakening of consciousness.

 I warn you, whoever you are, Oh! You who wish to probe the arcana of Nature, if you do not find within yourself what you are looking for, you will not be able to find it outside either. If you ignore the excellences of your own house, how do you intend to find other excellences? The treasure of treasures is hidden in you. Oh! Man, know yourself and you will know the Universe and the Gods. ―inscription in the Temple of Apollo, Delphi