It is urgent that we know that humanity lives with a sleeping conscience.

People work dreaming, people walk the streets dreaming, people are born, live and die dreaming. When we have come to the conclusion that everyone lives asleep, we understand the need to wake up. People confuse conscience with intelligence or intellect and they call a very intelligent or very intellectual person very conscious.

We affirm that consciousness in man is, beyond all doubt and without fear of deceiving ourselves, a very particular species of apprehension of inner knowledge, totally independent of all mental activity.

The faculty of consciousness gives us complete knowledge of what is, where it is, what is really known, and what is certainly unknown.

Revolutionary psychology teaches that only man himself can come to know himself. Man himself and no one else but him can realize for an instant, for a moment that before that instant, before that moment, he was not really conscious, his consciousness was very dormant, then he will forget that experience or keep it as a memory, like the memory of a strong experience.

It is urgent to know that consciousness in the rational animal is not something continuous, permanent. Normally the consciousness in the intellectual animal called man sleeps deeply. Rare, very rare are the moments when consciousness is awake; The intellectual animal works, drives cars, gets married, dies, etc., with its consciousness totally asleep and only awakens in very exceptional moments. The life of the human being is a life of dreams, but he believes that he is awake and will never admit that he is dreaming, that his conscience is asleep: if someone were to wake up he would feel horribly ashamed of himself, he would immediately understand his antics, the ridiculousness of the. This life is hideously ridiculous, horribly tragic and rarely sublime.

Gnostic teaching aims to awaken consciousness. Ten or fifteen years of studies at school, college and university are of no use if when we leave the classrooms we are sleeping automatons. It is no exaggeration to say that by some great effort the intellectual animal can be conscious of itself for only a couple of minutes.
It is never an easy task to eliminate negative emotions; lose all identification with our own way of life; problems of all kinds: business, debts, payment of bills, mortgages, telephone, etc., etc. This identification of our problems makes us abstract from ourselves, we go around dreaming, fascinated with our problems.
It is necessary to stop dreaming, it is necessary to awaken consciousness; and that process of awakening must be carried out at all times, in all places. The human being not only dreams when his physical body sleeps, but also dreams when his physical body does not sleep. When one remembers himself, when he works on himself, when he does not identify with all the problems and sorrows of life, in fact he goes on the vertical path.

Work on oneself is the fundamental characteristic of psychological rebellion, of the transformation of the human being, it deals with a certain transformation of the present moment in which we find ourselves.

We need to learn to live from moment to moment. Live in full attention, in full self-observation of ourselves, live alert to what we think, feel and act. A good example is the case of María who is walking down the street and does not hear a friend’s greeting, at the precise moment she said to herself in her mind, “in the afternoon I will pay the dressmaker and…”. In this case, María did not receive the greeting from her friend, due to the lack of awareness in what she does. Well, her thoughts are on her problems.

Attention must be divided into three aspects: SUBJECT OBJECT PLACE

SUBJECT: When we identify with people, with things, with ideas, fascination comes and the latter produces sleep in the consciousness. We have to ask ourselves internally: Who Am I? You must consciously ask yourself, know that it exists, touch yourself, feel it.

OBJECT: We must realize what we are doing, because this way we do not fall into the error of putting our conscience to sleep: we must ask ourselves the reason for the action, for example: What will I be doing? This will have to be done mentally.

PLACE: It is vitally important to ask yourself where you are, you should observe the things around you, the colors of the objects.

The fascinated human being does not remember himself. We must self-remember ourselves from moment to moment. We need to remind ourselves in the presence of any representation that may fascinate us. Let us stop before every representation asking ourselves: Who am I? What will I be doing? Where I am?

It is better to turn on a light in the heart than to curse the darkness forever. ―V.M. Lakhsmi Daimon ―V.M. Lakhsmi Daimón